Caimans showcase musical ability at the Talent Show


The Caiman Crescendos pose at the end of “Seize the Day.” Chase McCarthy directed the choreography for the choir. Photo taken by Michaela Sanderson.

ESCONDIDO – On February 27, students and parents gathered in Caiman Hall to witness the 7th Annual Talent Show. The yearly event brought the musically talented from all across the school together to perform in one place. Students auditioned to be part of the production as early as February 10.

The school hosted two performances, one at 5:30, and one at 7:30. Not everyone participated in both shows. For those arriving early and hungry, the theatre department held a potato and salad fundraiser to raise money for the upcoming CAHS musical, “Oklahoma!”

No matter which performance one attended, however, the talent show provided a mix of dancing, singing, a capella, and more. Each performer (or group of performers) presented their own unique skill to the lineup. A number of students even performed acts they’d written or created themselves, like Cheyenne Benton’s song and guitar piece, “VCR Tape.”

Along with solo and duet acts, the Talent Show included special performances from the Dance Team, Dance Troupe and Choir.

Emily Dutkiewicz, who started singing in third grade, said, “Everybody was involved and supportive. We were like a big team.” Dutkiewicz said. She sang “Skinny Love” while playing on the guitar at the Talent Show.

Naomi Garcia and Samara Shhadeh provided a captivating combination of both singing and cajon. “I’m really sad that I waited for my senior year to [perform at the show],” Garcia said, “But it was so worth it.”