Choir Concert


Cade Lembeck

The Caiman Crescendo ladies sing during the ladies solo.

On Tuesday April 14, the Caiman Crescendos impressed the audience with a series of group and solo performances. The Crescendos, led by Jennifer McCormick, entertained a large crowd for nearly two hours.

Evident by their performance, time and preparation was a key factor for the groups’ success. “I think we did really really well, because we were really nervous, and we wanted to impress the audience so we pulled it together. It took a long time to learn and the music is hard to learn,” Daryl Goh said.

The ladies sang a Disney classic, “Under the Sea.” The mens’ performance, “Goodnight Sweetheart” complimented the ladies’ number. The solos performed highlighted the vocal capabilities of both the groups.

Other key performances included songs in foreign languages. The group sang “Lamentations of Jeremiah” in Latin and “Diration” in French. These songs required a mastering of pronunciation of the Latin and French languages. The Crescendos did as trained when carrying through with both pieces. “For the time period we had to learn the songs, we did really well,” Gabby Schanzenbach said.

To end the night with a bang, the Caiman Crescendos performed “Seize the Day” from the film The Newsies. At the end of the performance of “Seize the Day,”  the choir members threw newspapers towards the crowd, which elicited applause.

“I just think it was a great experience, and I think everybody really loved it. It was just great to go out there and sing for the audience,” Caleb Arend said.