Current Events Updates: Week 10

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Current Events Updates are a compilation of news stories posted every Friday. They are researched over the school week by Journalism staffers. The Crimson is not responsible for any factual inaccuracies in the stories reported. The Current Events Updates from previous weeks can be found here.


from Lindsey Keith

Deputy Dora Linda Nishihara, 69, died after his vehicle fell into a 12-foot-deep sinkhole in San Antonio, TX. The sinkhole was caused by a ruptured sewer line, a result of the heavy rain in the area.


from Mikaila Barker

Ohio lawmakers have approved a bill that bans abortion in the state once a fetal heartbeat can be detected.


from Rebecca McCain

Earlier this week, John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth, was hospitalized for health problems. He passed away on Thursday.


from Emily Farren

Nordstrom’s $85 leather-wrapped rocks have sold out; they went on sale on Nov. 18 and are now out of stock.