Christian Marseilles: Training the Next Generation of Musicians


“I would like to pursue a career in teaching music, I think that would be really fulfilling. Other than [being] a professional musician, that would be my dream career.” Sophomore Christian Marseilles has been working at the San Diego Music Studio since 2015, teaching both guitar and ukulele to his students.

Marseilles’s dedication to music has led to an increased interest in sharing his passion with others. “I want to provide for other kids and give them the knowledge that I have.”  

When it comes to interacting with his students, Marseilles enjoys observing their progress and different learning styles to teach. “[I love] seeing the stage they’re at, [seeing] how other people learn, what their passions are.” 

Lauryn Butler
Sophomore Christian Marseilles performs “Carol of the Bells” alongside the Advanced Guitar Class at the Christmas assembly. “The [guitar] class I’ve taken here has taught me a lot about theory,” Marseilles said.
Marseilles also finds solace in expressing his emotions through song, looking for songs that express different emotions in order to relate them to different situations. “I look for intricate emotions to release through my music,” he said. “[Music] is kind of my coping mechanism. It depends on what I’m going through at the time.”

Prior to working at his studio, Marseilles attended lessons at the studio for five years. Guitar, ukulele and mandolin are just a few of the many instruments that Marseilles has picked up through his time spent at the music studio.

Marseilles’s time at the studio has inspired him to spread his passion with others. “[Seeing] how much it’s helped me … [I want to] give them a sense of family and a second home that they can expand their knowledge in [through music].”

Kaleigh Strong also contributed to reporting in this article.