Freshman Caitlyn Feddock Explains her Passion for Dance and her Struggle through Cancer

“It was just hard dancing [after undergoing treatments], from not being able to dance [for so long],”  freshman Caitlyn Feddock said when asked about her biggest struggle this year.

A member of the Varsity Dance Team, Feddock has been dancing since she was 3 years old. “My mom put me into dancing [because] she was a dancer. That made me really want to dance.

“I [do a lot of] competing; I’ve won a few times. I also did a program with the School of American Ballet, which is in New York. I stayed in the Juilliard dorms for 5 weeks,” Feddock said. 

Kaleigh Strong
Feddock performs with Varsity Competition Dance at the first football CIF game of the season.

For a girl who has had so much success in the dance world, Feddock has gone through just as much struggle in the past year. In eighth grade, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. “My ovary twisted; I had a tumor that had cancer in it.”

In July of 2016, Feddock found out that she no longer had cancer. “I’m done with my treatments. I’m currently in remission … I was really happy, I felt proud. It was a really good feeling.”

“It just gives me more to dance for, it gives me more of a passion [for dancing],” Feddock said. “The hardest part of returning to dance was the fact that I pretty much had to start from the beginning. I wasn’t able to jump back into where I left off.”

The challenges Feddock faced gave her a new viewpoint of dance as a whole, revitalizing her love for the sport. “I have more of a passion for it. With the setback I had … starting from the beginning and working my way up has really showed me how much I love this sport.”

Mikaila Barker also contributed to reporting on this article.