The Battle of the Caimans Spirit Week

For the week of Feb. 7-10, students showed school spirit with four dress up days: Flannel Day, Twin Day, Decades Day and Red vs. Black Day. These spirit days culminated with the event everyone had been waiting for: the Battle of the Caimans, which split the student body into two teams, Red and Black.

Mikaila Barker
Freshman Sydnie Ager and Junior Luke Goodman distribute lunches on Flannel Day.

Flannel Day:

On Tuesday, students donned their flannel attire, preparing for the upcoming Battle of the Caimans. Flannel Day, a new spirit day, replaced PJ Day, thanks to ASB. “I associate Pajama Day with Homecoming week, so I think Flannel Day was pretty successful,” said junior Claire Andolina.

Twin Day:

On Wednesday, caimans paired up to coordinate attire. Popular outfits included similar denim items and colors schemes.

Many friends, siblings and couples participated, displaying their caiman spirit. Some planned every single detail, down to wearing the same shoes (see junior Erin Collins and senior Paul Wilson).

Senior Laura Saunders twinned with senior Daniel Lawrence. “I’m actually a twin, so it’s fun to do it with friends because then I can twin with someone else.” Spirit days “give you a reason to show your energy and outgoing personality,” Saunders said.

Decades Day:

It was appropriate that Decades Day fell on a “throwback” Thursday, because students dressed to the nines in the style of their favorite decade. Popular decades include the 20s, 80s and 90s, but many reinvented modern fashion styles. Senior Gabe Senter was decked out in 80s gear, wearing pops of neon accompanied with tie-dye tights. He said, “It gives everyone a good opportunity to go out of their comfort zone and do something they’re not used to.”

Red vs. Black:

After three days full of flannels, twins and decades, Classical Academy’s spirit reached its peak on Friday. Students split into their respective teams and prepared for battle. Last year, the battle ended in a tie, so this year, each team was out for blood, desperate to win.

All students fought with great effort and dedication for their team. Junior Claire Andolina said, “Even though three-fourths of everyone [was] either black or not dressed up, it was still really fun, and I loved watching the teachers getting into it.”

The black team won with a two-point margin. Although the black team was victorious, both teams showed tenacity and passion. The whole week, students celebrated through expressing their style. Whether it was plaid shirts or funky decades wear, they found a way to make the whole week full of fun.