The last day of summer. Photo credit Brigid Ambuul.

Roll Credits: A Reflection on the Endless Summer

Brigid Ambuul, Category Editor August 28, 2018

I’ll be the first to admit it: this article was meant to be much more cynical. Banking on our universal reluctance to return to the backpack-choked hallways of high school, I made ready to write...

Photo courtesy of United Artists.

“Rain Man” Will Make Any Rainy Day A Little Brighter

Emily Farren, Reporter May 18, 2018

Rating: R for Moderate Profanity, Mild Sexual Content and Alcohol and Smoking   The 1988 hit movie “Rain Man” is an entertaining way to spend an otherwise boring day. The award-winning movie...

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The Mythos of The Theater Kid, Debunked

Brigid Ambuul, Reporter March 9, 2018

If you’ve ever set foot on the CAHS campus, chances are you’ve come in contact with a theater kid. As you stride down the hallway by the Drama Room, and your ears are suddenly filled with a crescendoing,...

An excerpt from

Middle School: The Best Worst Years of Our Lives. But Mostly the Worst.

Brigid Ambuul, Reporter February 16, 2018

We need to stop pretending that middle school is in the distant past. The oldest among us clocks in only four years of distance from the dark days of side ponytails and voice cracks. So why, I ask you,...

Photo credit Crystal Sung.

Students Share Their Thoughts on the Importance of Music

Julia Clark, Reporter November 9, 2017

Some would say music is the color of life. Music has helped students immensely through difficult times. “I had a very hard time in sophomore year, and music was one of the big things that helped...

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How to ‘High School’: Four Years of Advice from a Senior

Anastasia Reimann, Editor in Chief September 14, 2017

I can’t believe I’m here. Three years ago, I stepped inside a church complex pulling a suitcase behind me and headed down its hallways searching for my French class. I hardly knew anybody, or anything....

Seven Tips for Surviving Second Semester

Elizabeth Reimann, Reporter February 15, 2017

After Christmas break, everyone starts to count the days down to summer. Here are a few tips to make the time between New Year’s and graduation breeze by. 1. Take mini-vacations Give yourself something...

Top 5 Fast-Food Meals for Vegetarians

Top 5 Fast-Food Meals for Vegetarians

Rylie Pepper, Reporter January 17, 2017

Can a vegetarian partake in fast-food dining? While eating out at fast-food restaurants can sound troublesome for vegetarians, vegetarian options are becoming increasingly available. I have been...

Photo taken by Rebecca Campbell

Top Five Things to get into the Holiday Spirit this year

Rebecca Campbell, Reporter December 9, 2016
If the holidays seem to sneak up on you every year, then you may be in need of a few holiday-themed events. Planning a few events for the break is one wonderful way to spend time with your friends and family, while enjoying the holiday cheer.
Photo taken by Brigid Ambuul.

Traveling Yosemite National Park—the Ambuul Way

Brigid Ambuul , Reporter October 27, 2016

Road trips. Gotta love ‘em. But you haven’t taken a road trip until you’ve taken it with a family of 10. A couple weeks ago, my family, along with my Aunt Diane, took a seven-hour road trip to...

Top 6 Life Hacks, Ranked in Levels of Laziness

Top 6 Life Hacks, Ranked in Levels of Laziness

Lazy just got a whole new meaning (Drawings by Danielle Pigeon.)
Danielle Pigeon, Reporter October 14, 2016

From the apathetic to those who go out of their way to avoid work (counter-intuitive, right?), life hacks help any lazy teenager looking for a way to save time and reserve any extra effort for Netflix....

Image courtesy of Folger Shakespeare Library.

An Examination of the Shakespearean Hero

Crystal Sung, Reporter June 9, 2016

In his plays, Shakespeare explores the flaws of his characters , and how those flaws lead to their demise. In spinning such psychological narratives, Shakespeare shows us what qualities he considers to...

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