Thankskicking Day Classic: Dodgeball Edition 2017

Sierra Lagge, Lauren Brazele, Alyssa Cloward, and Averie Sargent

November 18, 2017No Comments


Our Potential

Sierra Lagge

November 17, 20171 Comment

Up in the sky Birds fly So lie With me In the Grass so we Can look up to the sky And see The couple we could be           BUT...

Taylor changes direction too Swiftly in ‘reputation’: The album ranked and dissected song by song

Crystal Sung and Anastasia Reimann

November 16, 20171 Comment

There’s been so much uproar about “reputation,” be it the scandalous music videos or the unavailability on streaming services — look what you made us do, Taylor. So...

Seven CAHS Seniors Honored by National Hispanic Recognition Program Discuss Testing and the Future

Crystal Sung, Anastasia Reimann, Alyssa Cloward, Lauren Brazele, Averie Sargent, Sierra Lagge, Paige Townsend, and Adelae Norwood

November 14, 2017No Comments

Offered by the College Board, the National Hispanic Recognition Program serves to recognize academically outstanding high school students of at least one-quarter Hispanic/L...

Adelae Norwood, News Editior

November 10, 20171 Comment

Monday from Catalina Diaz A 13-year-old student at Rincon Middle School was caught distributing Xanax on October 25. Six other students were involved— two of whom went to t...

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