AP Exams at CAHS to be Taken Primarily From Home


Image from College Board

For those curious about how their AP Tests are going to look this year, we now have an answer. CAHS has decided to go along with the College Board’s “Administration 2” plan for testing, which means exams are primarily digital with options to take the test from home. Specifics about which exams are on paper versus digital varies for each subject, and can be viewed on the College Board website. 


Along with the option to take the test at home, this decision means that the tests will be a few weeks later than the initial plan. Tests under the “Administration 2” schedule are from May 18–21 and 24–28, giving students a bit longer to study for their exams. The scheduled dates for each exam can be viewed at this link.  Additionally, this alternative plan means that some exams look slightly different than the traditional test. The format of each AP Test for this year can be viewed at this link, and more specifically for each exam on the College Board website.