Making a Difference: CAHS Clubs Working to Better the Community

Photo by Melody Reyes
November 17, 2020

There are a lot of intriguing clubs this year at CAHS. From COVID-inspired clubs to interest-based clubs, there is something for everyone. Among the many clubs offered, there are quite a few that are looking...

Outdoor Adventure Club – A Breath of Fresh Air

Outdoor Adventure Club - A Breath of Fresh Air
November 13, 2020

Despite having a mostly closed campus this semester, lots of new clubs have been started. One of these new clubs is the Outdoor Adventure Club, which is meant to bring students together to enjoy the beautiful...

How Quarantine Has Changed Fashion

How Quarantine Has Changed Fashion
November 10, 2020

During these troubling times of COVID-19, various trends from fashion to culinary treats have come in and out of the spotlight. At the beginning of March when quarantine first began, fashion trends were...

What happened to Disneyland?

Photo provided by Zichuan Han
November 9, 2020

For many Disney Fans, pass holders or people who just enjoy going to Disneyland, I bet we are all missing the Disney magic. Some might wonder, what is going to happen to Disneyland? Or what has happened...

How to Keep Yourself Occupied and Electronic Free

Photo provided by Rachel Jay
November 3, 2020

During quarantine, some students have been glued to their phones, computers or Xboxes. But there are other ways you can use your time wisely besides video games and social media platforms.    Have...

Staying Connected: The Caiman Way

image provided by Kavita Viswanath
October 28, 2020

Throughout quarantine, many students at CAHS have needed some way to stay connected with their friends. To continue socializing, students have been using video calls, chat groups, video game platforms,...

More Than A Coach: Varsity Baseball Players Remember Coach Sisler

More Than A Coach: Varsity Baseball Players Remember Coach Sisler
October 9, 2020

"He really cared about us as baseball players and as people too. ... Obviously, his job was to have success in the baseball program, but he also … was one of those guys who never specifically said anything...

Hamilton: What is it really about?

Hamilton: What is it really about?
September 23, 2020

During quarantine, people have been all over different streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and so many more. But one breathtaking film that was recently released on Disney+, is none...

Love is How We Heal

Jonah Staebell, Matthew Tillyer and Albert Pando pose at Hume Lake Summer Camps last summer.
June 4, 2020

“Love is probably the biggest summary of how we all felt—we loved Jonah so much that it hurt us so much more. And that was just wrecking, because love isn’t always pretty,” James Duncan, best friend...

High School Highlights from the Class of 2020

Senior Clare Otto dances with friends at their last Homecoming.
June 3, 2020

“One high school memory I hold very dear to my heart is when I saw the advanced drama show my freshman year, Julius Caesar set in outer space. I didn’t know anyone in theatre at the time, but I have...

Classical Academies Address Grading Policy Due To COVID-19

Photo by Surface on Unsplash
May 1, 2020

This morning, The Classical Academies sent out an email clarifying the grading policies for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year "in an effort to minimize the anxiety and stress felt by some students...

CAHS Switches to Distance Learning

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
March 25, 2020

According to Mr. Moen's video, as of Monday March 30, CAHS will be switching to distance learning. Starting then, teachers will be posting five days of lessons and work and students will be required to...

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