See How They Run: An Wall-Breaking Whodunnit


The movie poster for See How They Run (2022)

This story was originally written and intended to be published in late November/early December 2022.

See How They Run, released in theaters September 16, 2022, manages to be incredibly enjoyable while also being mostly family-friendly. The whodunnit comedy has been fairly well received, with a 65% rating on IMDb, a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 69% on Fandango as of November 22, 2022. Reviews describe it as “hilarious,” a “satirical take” on the whodunnit genre, and overall an enjoyable movie, which, in my opinion, are all true. 

The film, set in 1950s London and mostly centered around the West End, is not just centered around the stageplay and in-movie proposed film version of Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” — See How They Run is also loosely based on this mystery. It’s just one example of the sort of tactics used to break the fourth wall, something that happens frequently throughout the movie. An audience who enjoys that sort of humor will find any fourth wall breaks extremely satisfying. Some of them are “basic” or, perhaps, expected, but they’re all well-written and well-produced. 

Compared to other murder mystery films released in the past three years (think the newest Agatha Christie film adaptions and Knives Out), See How They Run is a much lighter take on this genre — language-wise, it’s a clean movie, and while there is some blood, any injuries or violence are non-graphic. Nothing overtly sexual is included, but there is one character who is played off as an exaggerated stereotype of a sleazy old Hollywood producer who engages in some activity that could be uncomfortable to certain audiences. Topics such as cheating and divorce are brought up on a few occasions, and a few characters participate in somewhat heavy drinking at times. Aside from that, there is nothing particularly offensive featured in See How They Run. 

All in all, See How They Run is a good, clean movie. Although it may not exactly benefit from being compared to other recent whodunnit and mystery films due to it being more family-friendly, I would still consider it one of the better mystery releases in the past 3 years even after watching Knives Out, Murder on the Orient Express, and Death on the Nile. 

See How They Run is available to stream on Hulu and HBO Max, and is available to buy or rent on YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Apple TV, Redbox, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video. It is currently expected to be available on DVD and Blu-ray in the latter half of December 2022.