Into The Woods approaches fairy tales in a new way- *SPOILER ALERT*

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Beth Schloeder, Reporter

February 7, 2015

The fantastical ideas presented in fairy tales have fascinated countless children and adults throughout the years. Books, movies and TV shows have been inspired by the original stories of the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. From Snow White to the Snow Queen, Disney’s long list of fairy...

Otherworldly. Celestial. “Interstellar.”

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Matthew Roberts, Editor in Chief

November 17, 2014

An eloquent prediction of mankind’s dreaded exodus from Earth, “Interstellar” paradoxically balances the terrifying beauty of space with humanity’s obstinate drive for survival. The film presents a logical problem to the audience within the first few minutes: What will happen to the human...

Dracula: Untold reveals Vlad Dracula’s transition into a monster

Dracula stands on a battlefield, his cape unfurling behind him as it turns into bats.

Justin Leonard, Reporter

October 24, 2014

  “Dracula: Untold,” Dracula’s origin story which made it’s cinematic debut in early October, features the (somewhat) accurate history of the real blood drinking prince, Vlad the Impaler. The historical Transylvanian prince was, in fact, not a vampire but was known for impaling his enemies...

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