The movie poster for Knives Out

Did Knives Out Age Like Milk?

January 31, 2023

Knives Out, released November 27, 2019, has definitely aged over the past three years. Considering the recent release of the second film in the Knives Out mystery series, though, it’s appropriate to...

The movie poster for See How They Run (2022)

See How They Run: An Wall-Breaking Whodunnit

Abby Love, Editor-In-Chief January 25, 2023

This story was originally written and intended to be published in late November/early December 2022. See How They Run, released in theaters September 16, 2022, manages to be incredibly enjoyable while...

Decision To Leave - An Impressive Waste Of Time?

Decision To Leave – An Impressive Waste Of Time?

December 6, 2022

Decision To Leave, which was released in US theaters on October 14, 2022, quickly came onto my radar as I saw just how positive its reception was — the average viewer rating was 73% on IMDb, 87% on Fandango...

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Into The Woods approaches fairy tales in a new way- *SPOILER ALERT*

Beth Schloeder, Reporter February 7, 2015

The fantastical ideas presented in fairy tales have fascinated countless children and adults throughout the years. Books, movies and TV shows have been inspired by the original stories of the Grimm brothers...

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Otherworldly. Celestial. “Interstellar.”

Matthew Roberts, Editor in Chief November 17, 2014

An eloquent prediction of mankind’s dreaded exodus from Earth, “Interstellar” paradoxically balances the terrifying beauty of space with humanity’s obstinate drive for survival. The film presents...

Dracula stands on a battlefield, his cape unfurling behind him as it turns into bats.

Dracula: Untold reveals Vlad Dracula’s transition into a monster

Justin Leonard, Reporter October 24, 2014

  “Dracula: Untold,” Dracula’s origin story which made it’s cinematic debut in early October, features the (somewhat) accurate history of the real blood drinking prince, Vlad the Impaler....

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