CAHS Switches to Distance Learning


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Danica Jordan, Editor in Chief

According to Mr. Moen’s video, as of Monday March 30, CAHS will be switching to distance learning. Starting then, teachers will be posting five days of lessons and work and students will be required to log into Schoology and complete these assignments. Distance learning could continue potentially for the rest of the school year, but will for now continue as long as it is necessary.

Although teachers did assign optional, non-graded work over the last two weeks, starting this coming Monday, schoolwork moving forward will be given grades. Every Monday teachers will be posting the work for the week and assignments will be submitted through Schoology. Teachers may post video lectures or may offer live lessons. During this time, students will need to continue filling out reading and PE logs.

As of now, spring events such as prom, graduation, senior night and the school musical have been postponed until further notice. None of these have been cancelled yet, but there is no news of if or when they could be held.

In addition to online learning, it was announced March 20 that all AP tests will be taken online remotely. According to the College Board, the tests will be 45-minute online free-responses that students will take at home. Each subject will have two potential testing dates, which will be released along with other details regarding the test on April 3. 


For updates and more information regarding the AP tests and review visit this link:

If you missed Mr. Moen’s video watch it at this link: