COVID-19 Closes CAHS


Photo from the CDC.

The Editorial Board

Mr Curry announced the following at 10:58am Friday March 13. 

“In consultation with the Department of Health, The Classical Academies will be closed Monday, March 16, 2020 through Monday, April 6, 2020.  This organizational closure will be followed by Spring Break Monday, April 6, 2020 through Friday, April 10, 2020. This means that our organization will be closed for a period of 20 days.  Our plan is to be back in session on Monday, April 13, 2020. 

I understand that this will be upsetting to some and comforting to others.  It is our hope that this time will be spent still engaged in learning, as our team has prepared for this closure, and lessons are accessible in Schoology.  This school closure will impact all sports, musical theater, and extracurricular activities. All of these activities will be suspended.   

This important move is to support families and align with growing concerns regarding contact with the COVID-19 Coronavirus.  During our school closure, our team will be disconnected taking care of their families and themselves. We desire that all families continue to engage in learning and we will be sharing great learning ideas next week that will be relevant for your son and daughter.  Is this required? No, however, we know the importance of maintaining normality for our students and including daily learning we believe is important.   

Thank you for being part of our community, caring about one another, and being people who value a meaningful and engaged partnership with The Classical Academies.  

Remember, stay safe, wash your hands, eat well, and get to bed on time!  Your health is important to us all.” 



Friday March 13 at 4:48 pm.

Mr Moen posted the following update regarding expectations throughout the school closure.


“School Closure Update for Classical Academy High School

Monday March 16 – Friday April 10

Your health and safety is our number one priority!

All school activities have been either canceled or postponed as of Monday March 16, 2020. We currently expect to resume classes and activities on Monday April 13.


We would like students to use this time to get caught up on assignments that are past due and to get ahead on assignments that are coming up once school resumes. While you will not be penalized if you are not able to work ahead, it will benefit you to complete these assignments early. We also want students to continue to read, exercise, and complete community service requirements during the weeks of school closure. Finally, we would like all of you to stay healthy and to spend some of this time slowing down and reconnecting with your family and friends. 


Academic Expectations During School Closure:

CAHS Studio students will have no new assignments due. However, teachers may post projects or assignments on Schoology (by Monday, March 16th at 4:00 pm) that will be due one week or more after school resumes and students may use this closure time to work ahead on those projects and assignments.


All CAHS Studio Teachers will post on Schoology by 4:00 pm on Monday, March 16th, explaining their suggestions and expectations during the school closure. 


All students should read each of their teachers’ Schoology page after 4:00 pm on Monday, March 16th to see what projects or assignments can be completed during the school closure. Please check back each Monday for any additional directions and assignments.


In addition, AP teachers may make additional study suggestions to their AP students that are in the students’ best interest toward passing the AP exam. These AP additional suggested assignments will not affect a student’s grade in that AP course but may positively affect their score on the AP exam.


At this time we do still expect to observe the AP testing window of May 4- May 15. If this changes we will be notifying you. 


Quarter 3 Grades:

There will be no final exams for Quarter 3.


Q3 GRADES – Students have until Thursday, March 19th at noon to submit (online through Schoology) anything from Q3 that their teacher would have allowed them to submit if school was not closed. Labs and in-class tests that need to be made up at school will need to wait until school resumes. Students who have not yet taken a test or completed a lab will be issued a zero, but may make up the test or lab for full credit within two weeks of school reopening. Students who would have normally been allowed to retake exams (according to teacher policy) for a higher grade may also request the opportunity to do so when school reopens. 


All missed Q3 tests and retakes will need to be taken within the first two weeks after school reopens.


These new test and lab scores may have the effect of raising the student’s Q3 grade and if that is the case, the Q3 grade change will be made by the teacher. All of this can be arranged when school resumes. 


Q3 Grade books will close on Thursday, March 19th, at noon and updated transcripts showing Q3 grades will be available some time during the following week on School Pathways.





Wednesday March 18 at 8:02am.

Mr. Curry sent out the following email regarding the re-opening of schools:

“Special Announcement: School Closure Update

Governor Newsom said: “Let me be candid, and this is a very sober thing to say, and I cannot say this with certainty, but I can say this quite learnedly, don’t anticipate schools are going to open up in a week, don’t anticipate schools are going to open up in a few weeks… I would plan and assume that it is unlikely that many of these schools will open before the summer break.”

The team at The Classical Academies is currently working to ensure that each of our students will be receiving high quality education opportunities when we return from Spring Break. We understand that this statement from the governor is troubling, jarring, and frankly overwhelming. We understand as parents ourselves, this is unprecedented in our lifetime and getting our hands around this in a few hours is not possible.

What I know to be true is that The Classical Academies are uniquely positioned to service our students well, because that is what we do well. Will our team be stretched, will we be questioning our abilities, all the while relying on each other more than ever to meet our community’s expectations? Absolutely! One thing that I have learned over the years is that together greatness happens. The partnership we share with families is the catalyst to making great things happen for our students daily.

In the days and short weeks ahead, until we enter Spring Break, you have our undivided attention to launching our distance learning program that will include several elements to support each student to achieve their personal success. In the meantime, every teacher is engaged, available, and wanting to help you. Don’t shy away from reaching out now to get support or encouragement.

We are here for you and know that we will be successful together. We are not called to easy, we are called to fulfill our place in history so that our sons and daughters rise to become better thinkers, communicators, and achievers in such a time as this.

Be Bold, Kind, and Grateful!”


Check this page for updates related to CAHS and COVID-19. We will be posting information and stories related to school closure and how it affects our student body.