A Depressing Ramble


Artwork By Sean Blythe

The aged world rotates as if pretending it was not just a big pile of dust

The sun keeps on burning as if it was pretending it was not slowly destroying itself

And the humans keep building as if pretending they are not sealing their own doom


Time, human concept

Life, subjective existence

Death, slowly creeping


What defines human existence? If our consciousness is just information passing between nerves, who’s to say we can’t extend our consciousness infinitely? If we are only our own cells, and without brain cells, there is no us, then we are doomed to a limited, mortal existence.


Do we perceive things through language, the same way we communicate? We think in words, don’t we? Then, everything we know is language, and language is undoubtedly subjective, as we will never agree on the exact definition of a word, so the universe as perceived by humans is subjective.


If we treat something as absolute, then we are failing to acknowledge the human element.


Why is it depressing to try to find the truth behind the illusion that is human confidence?


If we treat our perceptions of the universe as true, then the universe as it really exists is false.


Why can’t we find comfort in knowing we can never find the truth? What’s disturbing about that?


Don’t believe everything you read, especially something with the word ramble in it.