(VIDEO) How is stress affecting you?

(VIDEO) How is stress affecting you?

Gage Auge, Grace Davis, Beth Schloeder, and Orion Lenz

December 2, 2015

High school is a hive of stress that, in nearly every case, sends anxiousness to all who enter. How how might it be affecting our students and their daily actions?...

You’re not stupid: Grades don’t define you

Numerous notecards and scores lay flat on a table. Photo taken by Jakob Woo-Ming.

Jakob Woo-Ming, Reporter

March 17, 2015

The teacher raises the graded tests and begins handing them out row by row. The students in front of you get their grades first. You hear joyful screams of 96s, 98s, 93s, all high-quality grades. You smile, eager to see your paper. When the paper reaches you, your smile falters. At the top of the...

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