The movie poster for Knives Out

Did Knives Out Age Like Milk?

January 31, 2023

Knives Out, released November 27, 2019, has definitely aged over the past three years. Considering the recent release of the second film in the Knives Out mystery series, though, it’s appropriate to...

Decision To Leave - An Impressive Waste Of Time?

Decision To Leave – An Impressive Waste Of Time?

December 6, 2022

Decision To Leave, which was released in US theaters on October 14, 2022, quickly came onto my radar as I saw just how positive its reception was — the average viewer rating was 73% on IMDb, 87% on Fandango...

Public domain image, obtained from Fall Out Boys Facebook page.

M A N I A: Song by Song

Rachel Howard, Reporter January 29, 2018

It’s been a long nine months for Fall Out Boy fans since the band first announced their seventh studio album back in April of 2017. The band pushed back the full release, originally slated for last September,...

Cover art for Fall Out Boys new album, M A N I A. Photo obtained from the bands Twitter account, @falloutboy

Seeing Purple: Fall Out Boy Teases Seventh Studio Album

Rachel Howard, Reporter May 10, 2017

April 27 was a quiet Thursday like any other. Jaded students and teens at CAHS and across the country studied anxiously for AP exams and slogged through the end-of-the-year lethargy, unaware of the “tweetstorm”...

Mr. and Mrs. Huang pose in front of their new Orlando home, with Eddie Huang photobombing in the background. Photo from

Fresh Off the Boat anchors in a new audience

Jakob Woo-Ming, Reporter February 28, 2015

ABC aired a fresh new show on February 4. While the show features no relation to Will Smith or Bel Air, it tells a tale with just as much attitude as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Fresh Off the Boat...

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When is music bad, and why?

Micah Summers, Reporter November 10, 2014
An editorial argument on the most influential weapon existent.
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Lotus Thai Bistro review

Emyle Rogers, Reporter October 24, 2014

As someone who’s rarely adventurous when it comes to new food, I was pleasantly surprised during my visit to Lotus Thai Bistro. A quaint turquoise building near the heart of Carlsbad, this little...

Dracula stands on a battlefield, his cape unfurling behind him as it turns into bats.

Dracula: Untold reveals Vlad Dracula’s transition into a monster

Justin Leonard, Reporter October 24, 2014

  “Dracula: Untold,” Dracula’s origin story which made it’s cinematic debut in early October, features the (somewhat) accurate history of the real blood drinking prince, Vlad the Impaler....

The Rainbow Roll. Photo courtesy of Lily Garcia

Hichizuki Japanese’s mouth-watering sushi is all but lacking in flavor

Abel Siemens, Reporter October 23, 2014

Good sushi is hard to come by nowadays; it can come off as too dry, hard to swallow, or even bad in the stomach, but Hichizuki Sushi has successfully mastered the art of a fulfilling and rewarding eating...

The Maze Runner solves nicely, despite straying from the text

Micah Summers, Reporter October 8, 2014

Following the knowledge of main character Thomas, The Maze Runner darts, tucks and rolls through fantastic chase scenes, intriguing schematics, and agonizing betrayals. The film begins as confused as...

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