Amber Hook: Receptionist Extraordinaire


“You see a lot and learn a lot about people and what goes at at this school when you sit at this desk…every day is different.”

Much activity goes on at Classical Academy High, from massive amounts of students rushing to and from classes or the loud commotion of lunchtime. However, an equal amount of activity occurs when students are seated in classrooms — and receptionist Amber Hook sees it all.

This is Hook’s second year at CAHS since she was hired halfway through the previous school year. “I had just moved here and was looking for a full-time job,” she said. “My friend who works at the middle school forwarded me the application. So, I applied and was hired the day I interviewed.”

Hook enjoys her job, saying it keeps her busy and passes the day quickly. Being a receptionist, Hook reveals that there are (as with almost any other job) positive and negative aspects of the job.

“I love the kids,” says Hook. “It’s fun for me to interact and see their everyday lives and have them come up and tell me about the little things that are going on. Sometimes I feel more like a counselor than a receptionist, because I have a lot of kids who talk to me about a lot of stuff.”

She says one of the more frustrating aspects of her jobs are dealing with “not-so-enjoyable” phone calls at the front desk as well as some disciplinary involvement (as there are no female staff members on security).

Hook and Nick Johnson currently are engaged and set to get married in October of this year.

Aside from her job at CAHS, Hook has many hobbies including running and hiking outdoors, making wedding invitations, crafting and cooking.

Art is something Hook says she’s always loved, whether it’s music, painting, etc. She views crafting as a stress-reliever. She says, “I’m a ‘DIY’ person. I’m really stubborn. I won’t pay for something, I’ll just make it.”

Johnson can attest to her cooking skills. He says his favorite meals are her fettuccine alfredo as well as her steaks. “Any of her steaks are just amazing,” says Johnson. “You can ask all of the security guards and they’ll tell you; she knows how to cook.”

While Hook enjoys her current job here at CAHS, she hopes to pursue a career as a junior high math teacher. “I was a preschool teacher for five years…I loved it,” said Hook, “It was the reason I decided to go back to school to get my K-8 teaching credentials.”

So, while students enjoy Hook’s perpetual kindness and hard work ethic now, later some lucky middle school students might enjoy her as a math teacher.