Hotel Transylvania was Pretty… Fang-Tastic

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The Drac pack is most definitely back! The fantasy-comedy picks up where we left off with the original Hotel Transylvania. In the original we meet Mavis, a vampire, (Selena Gomez) and her father Dracula (Adam Sandler) who run a hotel for monsters who need to get away from humans. The hotel is hidden far away in the forest of Transylvania where no one would even dare to wander. Until one day when a lost human hiker named Jonathan (Andy Samberg) accidentally finds himself at the hotel. There, Jonathan meets Mavis and they quickly fall in love. The Humans and the Monsters learn to accept each other in the end, and both humans and monsters are allowed in the hotel. Many people assume that the second movie fails in comparison to the first, but in this case I have to disagree. Hotel Transylvania 2 is just as good as its predecessor.

The movie starts at Mavis and Jonathan’s wedding at the hotel. The movie skips forward to the first birthday of their son Dennis (Asher Blinkoff), where we learn that he has until his fifth birthday to get his fangs. If they don’t come in, that will determine his fate as to whether he stays at the hotel or moves to California to assume a regular, human life. Mavis and Jonathan find themselves having to contemplate leaving the hotel so Dennis can grow up like a normal human if that happens.

Little Dennis smiles at his mommy Mavis on his birthday.

Little Dennis smiles at his mommy Mavis on his birthday. Photo credit:

While Mavis and Jonathan search for a home in California, Drac takes charge in Dennis’s change into a vampire. His attempts to force Dennis into becoming a vampire encounter unexpected consequences when a YouTube video is posted of Dennis falling and Drac saving him by flying. Angered at her father’s irresponsible behavior with her son, Mavis returns to Transylvania to take Dennis away to California. Dennis, clearly upset with his mother’s decision to move away, runs away with his wolf-pup crush Winnie (Sadie Sandler). The two kids are confronted by a evil gargoyle, and Dennis, in a fit of fright, grows his fangs and saves the day.

Hotel Transylvania 2 was fang-tastic. If you loved the first, then you will surely fall in love with the second as well. The animation is perfect and the storyline is adorable. Hotel Transylvania 2  had some noteworthy actors whose performances were so well done that I had no idea they were in the movie until I Googled it. Never did the movie feel dragged out or boring and there was always something to laugh at. Hotel Transylvania 2 complemented the first very well and was the perfect ending to a great story. It’s worth seeing it just to watch the adorable little redhead that is Dennis grow up and learn to love himself as he is. It’s a valuable lesson perfect for any kid, aged one to 92.