‘Beauty and the Beast’: A Tale as Old as Time — With Some Twists

Beauty and the Beast: A Tale as Old as Time — With Some Twists

Was this movie a beauty or a beast? While it got mixed reviews, many critics enjoyed the revamped portrayal of a tale as old as time. Many watchers, including me, were very impressed with Emma Watson. The standard has been set high for her since her famous role as Hermione in “Harry Potter.”

Watson’s feminism in real life is apparent in the film, including her refusal to wear a corset to fit the Disney stereotype of tiny waists. She managed to maintain the classic image of Belle in the original “Beauty and the Beast” without painting herself as the helpless damsel in distress.

As shown in the trailer, the sets and costumes are magical. They preserve the charm from the original movie, while updated and upgraded with a modern twist. Dan Stevens was very convincing as the beast, with the tough outer shell and sweet inner shell that everyone remembers from the original Disney movie.

This recreation of a classic film had high expectations to meet, but it was able to balance the feel of the Disney tale and new aspects of it.  As a huge Emma Watson fan, I was also beyond pleased with her performance. She definitely stole the show with her whimsical performance.

Gaston (Luke Evans) and Le Fou (Josh Gad) were given tough roles to play, but played them very well. They were both played by very famous actors, which made them subject to scrutiny. I think that they were fun to watch, while keeping the fun spirit of the original characters. Another fun dynamic was between Belle and the Beast.  They kept the love dynamic from the original story line, where Belle is the only one to see past the Beast’s rough exterior, making their relationship strong and unique.

As far as the soundtrack, it was impressive, and including original songs was a bold move. I appreciated the songs, but they were hard to compare to the classic, simple songs from the first movie.

All in all, this movie manages to be more vivid than the original, while still being appropriate for a younger audience. I was most impressed by the movie’s ability to keep the important concepts of the story, while updating the aesthetic quality. I would definitely recommend this movie, especially if you’re a Disney fan.