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This silence is all consuming,
Like the moon’s eternal looming.
I lie down and try to sleep.

Tomorrow brings another Today
And I’ve always hated Today.
Today is soon another Yesterday,
One I’ll surely miss, Tomorrow.

Nights are confusion as Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday blend.
All at once they begin and end.
If you close your eyes, you’ll miss it.

I’d like to sleep, but if I do,
I’d miss the “Today exchange,”
And my nightmares never change
Beyond my waking moments.

Every day starts with mourning.
And I mourn Yesterday,
Like me it is too far gone and shall never come back.

I welcome darkness’ empty embrace.
Take me, Tomorrow, in the night.
As my mind begins to race
I feel the pull of day, and pressure of sleep.

Help me fall asleep.
I need to hurry to Today,
Insomnia takes me over as I lie down.

Midnight is an empty hour
Full of regret, resent, and anxiety.
All that is waiting for me Tomorrow
Is the inevitable sorrow.

As I close my eyes and sleep
Pulling my mind into the deep,
Today passes as Today starts.


I cry as I lose Today to Yesterday
And get a new one from Tomorrow
And still nothing’s changed,
Today is just borrowed.


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