Transformer Shut Down


In this photo the transformer some know as bumble bee strikes out for an attack. Unlike our schools generator this one does not break down. Photo found by Danielle Weston

With midterms on the horizon, students scrambled to cram in some last minute studying. If only they had an extra day. With only one day some students wished for a miracle and a break.

Late Monday afternoon, the fire alarm alerted the local fire department that a transformer, which provides power for the school, had overheated. The fire marshal deemed the school unfit to teach in, so students had to study on there own for midterms. “I never heard such a cheer in my life from the students,” said robotics teacher, Mr. Andrew Segina.

Unfortunately for teachers, this meant switching around their pre-planned schedules. Some teachers, however, welcomed the missed day with open arms.“I thought it was too good to be true because I was taking a sick day so I was very relieved I did not have to use my sick day,” math teacher, Mrs. Kelly Seward. “I already had everything planned for the week so I could just take that day to get better.”

Some teachers had more trouble rearranging their schedules than others. “Since these are accelerated classes anything that takes time out of my class is like, oh crud, because of that we’re not going to get a review day, and I’m going to have to rewrite the final,” Mrs. Missy Schick said.

In the end, both students and teachers had to deal with the inconvenience. “But in the end we just adjust and flourish,” Mrs. Schick said.