Hey, you: A Farewell to the Class of 2015


Hey, you — yes, you. Guess what? You survived.

High school — it’s over.  Four years of homework, of late nights and early mornings — of coffee instead of sleeping and Netflix instead of studying — are done. We are done. No more stressing about SAT scores and AP testing. No more senior project or volunteering hours. You have finished and have finished strong. You have studied hard, played hard, worked hard and have had no r(a)grets.

As the bell rings and class is dismissed one last time, you remember your past and dream of your future. You pack up your things and head for the door. You walk down the hallway confident in the foundation you have been steadily building for the past four years. But where are you headed? Where are you going to go from here?

Maybe it’s to a university or to a community college?

Maybe you are taking a year off?

Maybe you are going to start working right away– start your own company?

Who knows?

It’s your choice.

That’s up to you to determine.

But as you make your way to the exit and take the first of many steps towards your goal, be aware of one and only one thing: you are, and will always be, a Caiman.