CAHS receives first installment to Graduates’ Hall


Mr. Curry stands by the first installment of Graduates’ Hall, set to expand yearly from here on out.

Last year, the CAHS student body found themselves wandering across unknown hallways and corridors with the completion of its $25 million dollar building. The space, so large and unfamiliar, warranted a day of school specifically for figuring out where to see old teachers and find new classrooms.

The physical changes to Classical’s high school campus have yet to cease. As students have probably noticed, Graduate Hall—the hallway following the yellow arches in our school’s back entrance—has recently been adorned with a glass, hexagonal display of past years’ graduates. “I wanted a place where there was a touchpoint for students…to come back and go, ‘That was a part of my education history,’” executive director Mr. Cameron Curry said.

The wall immediately evoked a positive reaction from the student body. “The fun part was [when] we had just finished the installation,” Mr. Curry said; “we were standing in the hall…looking at it, and a class of students came down the hallway and instantly jumped up on the bench there and started touching it and feeling it. So there was a great deal of excitement when they first saw it.”

The tribute was not originally planned as it is now. Mr. Curry’s original vision for the wall was to create a collage of senior portraits, but the idea encountered problems in its development: “…As we started looking at different materials to put up on the brick wall, it started almost looking like a Vietnam memorial type of site…[that was] not really the vision we had.”

Mrs. Michelle Stanley, Classical’s manager of communications and marketing who worked closely with Mr. Curry during the wall’s development, “Was able to work with our sign guy and they came up with a concept … I loved [it]. The neat thing about…the hexagons [is] you can add several glasses for so many years.”

Mr. Curry is eager to see the wall expand in recognition and size as years pass and classes graduate. “I can see some type of opportunity where we honor the salutatorian or the valedictorian or something special to kind of highlight their excellence.”

Plans to further the comfort of Graduates’ Hall are in effect. “We actually ordered some specialty cushions that will…go [on the slabs] and become like a seating area.”

Overall, Mr. Curry is pleased with the result of his vision and the possibilities its future entails. “I am thrilled with it. When [Mrs. Stanley] originally showed me the concepts, I didn’t really have an idea of how large it was, but now seeing it up there it’s like, ‘Oh, this is great.’”

With cushions incoming and glass displays growing, CAHS (and all its hallways) is yet to stay still. Check the hall often to see if those new seats have arrived!

*This article was edited on Sep. 8, 2015 at 2:50 p.m., and correctly changed the school’s cost from $2.3 million to $25 million.