Being The Protagonist

If life were a movie, would you be the protagonist? Image credit: Artist: Mark El

What is a protagonist? A protagonist is the leading character in a movie, book or play. They are meant to be the hero of the story and there is hardly a moment when they aren’t in the spotlight.

The truth of the matter is that everyone has their favorite protagonist, whether it be an action movie icon, or the likable underdog who is just trying to get their life together. Often the audience is meant to relate to these heroes.

With all of these forms of media being perpetually thrown at the public, it begs the question: “If life were a movie, would I be the protagonist?” Such a large question can prove intimidating to some, but for the students at Classical Academy High School, it only piqued their interest.

Insert Christopher Casey, a sophomore in his second year at Classical Academy High School. When faced with this trivial inquiry, he responded:“I don’t think I would be the center focus of the movie. I don’t know if anyone would be a center focus, just a set group of friends.”

So it seems as though life for Christopher Casey is firmly rooted in well-established friendships and bonds that last a lifetime. But what role would he play in this dynamic group of friends? “I would probably be the comedic relief, but I’m not the one always making jokes; I’m just the one that falls. I’m the clumsy one in the movie.”

A good movie is nothing without a set of talented actors and Casey has a clear image of who would play him in a movie adaptation of his life.

“Clay Aiken,” Chris said when asked who would be the most suited to portray his clumsy self in this theoretical ensemble flick.

Senior Dylan Knapp has a different take on this situation. “I would hope so,” he said to the same question. “I would like to think so, but that’s something I question a lot in my life. I’ve tried to live my life in that sort of way. I don’t know. It’s hard to say.”

But what are the qualities that would make Knapp a believable and likable protagonist? “I suppose it’s just the fact that I try not to adhere to a lot of cliches,” he said. “I like to think that I make a lot of friends and I feel like I try to be unique in the things that I do and the person that I am.”

Knapp was further questioned on whether or not it was important for him to be the center of attention, in the way a protagonist is. He replied: “Sometimes. Sometimes it’s an issue of self-worth. Someone should be the protagonist of their own movie and there’s that feeling of insignificance that comes with thinking that you’re a ‘side character.’”

Finally, Knapp concluded his thoughts by saying that a movie based on his life “would definitely be a musical comedy” and the role of himself would be “a toss up between Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey Jr.”

Being the protagonist is all about being the hero and having the story revolve around them. But whether or not people view themselves as the main character or just an extra in the background, they are all important to the story here at Classical Academy High School.