Classical’s Lunchtime College Reps

college eventsHave you noticed the frequent visits of college recruitment teams who set up booths, try and reach out to students, and leave as lunch ends, with another college following suit?

Have you looked at those college recruitment booths and wondered, “Are they here for me?” Well, wondering student, the answer is yes.

These booths are the medium between CAHS and colleges who want to recruit CAHS students. Not only is the process of meeting a recruiter beneficial, but it’s easy and takes place in a relaxed environment.

A student approaches, meets with a representative from the visiting college, gives some information about themselves and gets information about the university. The recruiters’ main interest is for students to approach them and talk about their college career, regardless of their grade.

“Seniors should not put [meeting with college representatives] off,” said Mrs. Withem, Classical’s Academic and College Counselor. “The counselors are encouraging them to have their college applications done by November the first.”

All grades, not only upperclassmen, are welcome and encouraged to come learn more about their future. “It’s for all grades; that’s why we have it at lunch! Anyone can go talk to them,” Mrs. Mauhili said.
The representatives won’t be around forever though, so if you are thinking about taking advantage of these opportunities, make sure you do so soon. Colleges start most of their recruiting in the fall and begin to visit less frequently as the year proceeds. Don’t miss out on the chance to possibly discover your future alma mater!