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School days were near an end.

The summer breeze was drifting in.

All the students watch the clock,

All of time had seemed to stop.


The days crawl on hot and heavy

With no new knowledge quite yet ready.

For teachers knew as well as students,

That learning now would not be prudent.


The information would flow to the floor,

Which the principal would not stand for.

But, alas, many students had come to this moment

Where all the knowledge had been stolen.


So then, of course, the test began,

So many that they should be banned.

First 4, quickly turning to 6,

Students stopped showing, claiming to be sick,

Those who stayed searched their knowledge,

So they could try to go to college.


Yet the sleepless nights wore on,

Each one so very long,


The Starbucks staff knew their struggles well,

For they could see the fleeing brain cells,

Because these tests ratted out the weak,

Bringing grades from a high A to a low C.


But, finally, the nightmares end,

And the days stop blurring together.

You gain again a sense of time,

And thoroughly enjoy the weather.


Summer then comes, and we swear to ourselves,

“The textbooks will not gather dust upon the shelves.”


So all next year you study and study,

Until your brains turn to putty,


And, soon, our resolves began to fade,

As there was still more time to play,

Play that game that just came out,

Or start the New Year’s resolution of a workout,


But, before you knew it, that dreaded week came,

Where they suddenly start to proclaim,

“I was playing the waiting game,”

And those words sent shivers down your spine,

For you knew you had no time.


The jig was up,

It  was time to dance,

You were finally snapping out this trance.

For, if, there’s anything all students know,

Finals are not for weak souls.

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