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Denver Airport Is The Most Evil Place In The Entire Universe Ever

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If you’ve been keeping up with modern-day pop-culture, chances are you’ve heard the term “illuminati,” and maybe even dropped in on some conspiracy theory talks. For many, these theories are seen as merely an overreaction to an internet joke, or a rebound off of the popular show “Gravity Falls.” But some may find these so-called “revelations” to be the only logical solution, given the extremely underwhelming evidence. It’s quite interesting to see the things that people come up with these days. I’d like to say that I had some other motivation to find out more about this topic, but it was really that I wanted to find the most ridiculous claim, and then see how many people actually supported it. Let me tell you, I did not return from my exploration empty-handed.

After several investigations that were comprehensive enough to break your back, reading that the Denver Airport is “actually the headquarters of the Neo-Nazis, New World Order, Illuminati and Satan himself” (“10 Hilariously Stupid Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe” on made me actually laugh out loud. My first thought was: “why?”. What valid evidence could possibly be out there that could lead to the Denver Airport being designated “hell-on-earth”? (Also, it’s supposedly a fairly well-attended destination for three-hour-layovers.) And when I couldn’t find any more information on the cursory synopsis of this abomination airport, I knew who to turn to: the timeless, reliable, and colorful persona of Google.

A couple of extremely specific searches later, I found what I was looking for. And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the Denver gold I uncovered.

  1. The aerial view of the airport’s runway is shaped like a swastika
    1. On top of this being the widely-known Nazi symbol, it is very different from the typical, functional runway design, so it’s hard to explain why else this design would have been implemented.

2. Giant Creepy Horse Statue

  1. This “Blucifer” stands 32 feet tall, weighing 9,000 pounds.
  2. Its red eyes glow 24/7, and some speculate that it represents The Bible’s Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse from Revelations, which represents Death.
  3. The artist, Luis Jiménez, was killed during its construction when a piece fell off and severed an artery in his thigh
  4. It was supposedly built to represent the old American West, and its wild, unruly spirit.

3. It’s ENORMOUS … and there’s no clear reason why.

  1. The airport cost $4.8 billion to build, ending up being $2 billion over budget.
  2. It takes up 35,000 acres (53 miles)  which is almost twice as large as the next biggest airport in America.
  3. Its capacity to handle a huge amount of people and vehicles has lead observers to believe it could be used as a military base, or even a civilian concentration camp.
  4. Former construction workers have claimed that the reason its construction was so behind schedule (16 months behind, actually) was because five multistory buildings were built underneath the airport. Others have said that there is a complex network of tunnels beneath the airport.
    1. Funniest thing is, Denver already had a functioning airport. No new runways or technological advancements were implemented into this construction, just A LOT more space.

4. Capstone in Airport Reading “New World Airport Commission”

  1. For those who don’t know, the New World Order is supposedly a new United World government system, without any regional boundaries.
  2. The concept would only work if there was a mass genocide that narrowed down the world population to 2 billion, for more control.
    1. This “New World Airport Commission” doesn’t exist.
    2. The wording of that phrase has lead many to believe that it is actually referring to the New World Order.
    3. The airport capstone also announces plans of opening a time capsule, addressed to the people of Colorado, in 2094.

5. Reeeaaaaallllyy Strange Murals

  1. Conceived by Leo Tanguma, murals are peppered throughout the airport , often depicting questionably morbid scenes
  2. One mural showed three dead African American, Native American and Jewish girls, and, in the background, a city consumed by a fiery explosion. There is also a little girl carrying a Mayan Tablet depicting December 21, 2012, the Mayan date of Doomsday.
  3. The one above shows a giant soldier stabbing a dove (which is a symbol for peace), and towering over weeping women holding their dead children. The gray waves around the solider represent death/poisonous gas that killed everyone in his path. It also spotlights a heap of dead children on a pile of bricks.
      1. The inlay right in front of the genocide mural reading “AU AG” could mean silver and gold (as those are the initials for silver and gold on the periodic table), or it could represent the new deadly strain of hepatitis (also known as AU AG) that was discovered by one of the sponsors of the airport. This could be the “poisonous gas” in the mural which the executors possess could be a reference to this, as well.
      2. The mural also features a quote from a child who died at Auschwitz, an enormous network of Nazi German extermination and concentration camps

So all in all, I’d say the Denver airport probably has some explaining to do. And if they never actually respond to the ubiquitous cries of Illuminati conspirators, hopefully Denver’s public will at least have an ear when they open the time capsule in 2094, supposedly located under the capstone. But until then, lock your windows, prepare your firearms and stay tuned, folks.






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Denver Airport Is The Most Evil Place In The Entire Universe Ever