Homecoming Reactions and Proposals

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During the weeks before Homecoming, the majority of the school grew excited as they pondered the thoughts of homecoming dates. As we walk through the halls, we notice more and more flowers and posters being handed out to one another, and we see students all around campus blush to the sudden question “Do you want to go to Homecoming with me?”


Maile Grantham (9) and Tyler Clark (9)

Freshman Tyler Clark spent three days planning his proposal for fellow freshman Maile Grantham. With the help of ten of his close friends, he remained outside the quad during lunch and waited her arrival. Grantham explained that when he asked her, she felt “extremely hyped and I enjoyed going to the dance.” They in fact were friends before the momentous occasion. “We are homies,” Grantham expressed after the dance.

Makenna Foster (9) and Ty Slough (9)


Makenna Foster and Ty Slough had known each other for a week before he asked her to Homecoming. A friend introduced them to each other, and they instantly became good friends. “It made me excited for Homecoming because Ty is a very good person,” Foster said.

Charlie Larkin (9) and Chloe Peirson (9)

Charles Larkin and Chloe Pierson have been friends for two years. Even though they went as friends, they enjoyed themselves just as much as everyone with a date did. Although Pierson was aware of the fact that Larkin would ask her, she was still delighted to go. “I kind of knew it was going happen, but I was still excited,” she said.

Amy Fulton also contributed to reporting in this article.