Horsing Around: Sophomore Sydney Geffeney Shares Her Equestrian Experiences


Geffeney and Kricket during dressage. Photo courtesy of Sydney Geffeney.

When asked how she got involved with her equestrian sport, sophomore Sydney Geffeney said, “I wanted to ride horses ever since I was little and … I found out [that in] eventing you get to jump a lot.”

Geffeney performs eventing—a combination of dressage (horse dancing), event jumping and cross-country jumping—with her equestrian partner, Kricket. Geffeney wanted a “green” (or inexperienced) horse and finally got one of her own about a year ago in the form of Kricket, a 6-year-old mare. Geffeney and Kricket have been training together ever since.“[My] mom found her on a … website that sells horses.”

Though Geffeney has been riding for five years, she still trains five hours a week. Geffeney does at least three competitions a year and wants to do more when Kricket and she both have more experience. “I want to do more competitions at big fancy places like [Galway Downs],” Geffeney said.

In addition to gaining equestrian experience, Geffeney has learned plenty of life lessons from working with horses. “It’s taught me to stand up for myself, because you have to punish the horses to train them a little bit and not let them get away with stuff with you and bully you … [I]t’s also taught me to be more patient, because horses will definitely try your patience.”