Not so very Guarded: Security Guard Brian Lane shares his Experiences

“It was very warming and welcoming. I had so many students that I’d never met before come and introduce themselves. I was used to going to schools where you didn’t talk to people unless you had to. There’s a different atmosphere around the school that’s very nice,” security guard Brian Lane said.

Photo taken by Aubrey Gehman

Lane’s first day as a security guard at CAHS was the beginning of many fun memories and friendships. Although he knew some of the students beforehand from working as the Boys Volleyball coach, the welcoming environment at the main campus made Lane feel appreciated and included, as well as making time fly. “[The hours] don’t feel long.”

Being a security guard isn’t all fun and games, however. “The main roles …are prevention and protection,” he said. “Our goal is to make sure no events do happen, but if something does happen[, we need] to make sure that we’re there to make sure that it gets handled and no one gets hurt.”

While the task may be hard at times, it is balanced out by the pleasant aspects of the job. Lane’s ability to bond with students has brought another element that wasn’t expected into the job: “just investing in students. I really enjoy doing that.”

Even though students may presume they know Lane well, they probably don’t know about his Japanese heritage.“My middle name is actually Japanese. It’s Shinji … My dad is actually half Japanese and is from Japan.”

Japanese curry with pork is his favorite meal, a comfort food for him. “My grandma used to make it and my mom makes it.”

Along with the food, Lane enjoys visiting the country of Japan. “I went when I was in fourth grade. I’m planning on going back in 2020 for the Olympics.”

Lane also loves the sport of baseball, despite being a volleyball coach. His favorite movie as a kid was “The Sandlot.” “I used to love Baseball, and I loved the Dodgers, so everyday I would watch it. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that movie over 400 times.”