C.A.S.T. Don’t Be So Dramatic

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C.A.S.T. Don’t Be So Dramatic

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CAHS is known for its abundance of theater clubs: with the spring musical group, improv club and another less-known club called C.A.S.T, Classical Academy Student Thespians.

C.A.S.T. meets every Tuesday lunch in Mr. Christian Sheffield’s classroom. The spring musical and improv groups are fairly self-explanatory to what they do, but what exactly does C.A.S.T. do each week?

“We do a lot of warm ups, different ones each week that our president, Amara, will come up with,” said junior Megan Kolod. “One time we all laid down just to see how we breathe and how we can change [how] we breathe for characters.”

Aside from doing warm ups, C.A.S.T. also focuses on specific lessons that further their acting abilities. “One week we did a lesson that was all about movement. It’s called the Eight Efforts, and it’s eight different ways that you can move your body, whether it’s your eyes, or your hand or your legs, and any movement can be categorized by one of these categories,” said sophomore Kateri Reape. “Another week we did a lesson on fears and how that can help develop your character. So we did a game where one person gave the other person a real fear they had while the one person embodied that fear and you had a conversation with your fear.”

Although many of the activities are lesson-based, the club still makes time for fun and games like Zip-Zap-Zop. “Zip, zap, zop.You have to say it in that order.You have to keep eye contact with everybody and you have to slide your hands together and point at someone,” explained Kolod. “So I’ll point to you and say, “Zip,” and then you have to point to someone else and say, “Zap,” and it has to go in that order. If you say, “Zip” and then “Zip” again, then you’re out.” said Kolod

In addition to improving their own acting skills, C.A.S.T. club members also spend time writing their own scripts for an upcoming performance. “We’re writing our own script right now. It’s a mystery, and someone goes missing and everybody is a suspect, and at the end you find out who it is and how they did it,” said Kolod.

If you’re looking to further your skills in the theater world or just looking to have some fun during the longer lunch schedule on Tuesdays, C.A.S.T. club could be the place for you!

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