Remember the A la Mode: Creamistry’s Modern Take on a Traditional Dessert

Maddi Tseng, Reporter

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The Order

When I first walked into Creamistry, I was overwhelmed by the amount of options available. From dairy-free to organic ice cream bases, the assortments of flavors, there is practically no limit to the amount of customisations one can make to create the perfect dessert. Add-ons like chocolate and waffle bowls were handy to create a ideal balance of textures.

So, you’re probably wondering, how do I order something this complex? Creamistry provides three simple steps on how to design the dessert of your dreams.

First, choose your size and base. The “base” is an ice cream base  flavored to your liking from four unique flavors. There are also vegan and dairy-free options, like sorbet (which is water-based) and coconut. The regular size holds a decent sized sized scoop of ice cream, while the large size holds two scoops.

Second, choose your flavor. There are over 30 flavors currently available, all of which are sorted into six different categories: cereals; coffee and  teas; cookies and cakes; fruit; nutty and “the Classics.” However, be warned: If you choose to have a sorbet base, there are only a limited amount of fruit flavors that you can choose from.  

Third, choose any toppings or upgrades. The toppings can be mixed in with the ice cream, or put on top of the dessert to add some extra sweetness, crunch or flavor. Like the ice cream flavors, toppings and upgrades are put into five groups with different flavor profiles. The current groups are: candies; cereals, cookies and cakes; fruits; and nuts and sauce. There are three upgrades available: a waffle bowl, a brownie bowl and a bowl made entirely out of chocolate.  

Photo credit Maddi Tseng.


The Dessert

As I waited for my order, fog started billowing the ice cream maker. One thing unique about Creamistry is that every item is made to order with liquid nitrogen in order to have a creamier consistency. A few minutes later, my order was done.

The first ice cream I ordered was a Black Cherry Ice Cream with a premium base (basically a sweet cream) and a chocolate bowl. The texture was extremely smooth, and the flavor wasn’t too strong — just enough to make me want more. The fresh cherries mixed in the ice cream were fresh and juicy. The chocolate bowl balanced out the sweetness, but after finishing the ice cream and just eating the bowl, the dark chocolate had a bit of a bitter aftertaste. I wouldn’t recommend eating the chocolate bowl without having some ice cream with it, unless you can handle a really strong dark chocolate flavor.

The second ice cream I tried was a Tiramisu Ice Cream with a premium base and chocolate shavings. The strong coffee flavor was balanced by the sweet cream from the ice cream base. The chocolate shavings balanced out the sweetness and strength of the tiramisu flavoring. I wouldn’t suggest having the tiramisu ice cream without the dark chocolate shavings or something else to balance out the sweetness, but the flavor profile from this dessert was perfect and resembled a tiramisu cake.

Photo credit Maddi Tseng.


The Price

The total for both orders without tip was $16.05, expensive for a regular-sized ice cream order with just a few toppings or add-ons. Considering the ice cream is made to order with liquid nitrogen, it seems just a tad overpriced. I’d say I was paying more for the experience of having ice cream made with liquid nitrogen than the ice cream itself.


The Verdict

I would definitely go there again for the experience, just not frequently. The ice cream was above average, but the price is slightly deterring. I recommend ordering what I got if you’re new to Creamistry, but don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and order whatever your heart desires.

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Remember the A la Mode: Creamistry’s Modern Take on a Traditional Dessert