On the Spot: An Insider’s View of Improv Club

Photo credit Adelae Norwood.

Photo credit Adelae Norwood.

Adelae Norwood

Adelae Norwood

Photo credit Adelae Norwood.

Adelae Norwood, News Editor

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“Honestly, improv is whatever you want it to be, so don’t be nervous to just do whatever feels right for you,” freshman Lindsey Rappaport said. Among other things, Improv club is an acting avenue and community. It takes place on Thursdays at lunch in the Mr. Spencer Farmer’s room, drawing a diverse crowd.

“The people I meet there, they’re all — really awesome people to be around. They’re so talented and pretty cool,” senior Isabelle Deussen said. “It’s really fun, and I enjoy doing it.”

Freshman Lindsey Rappaport shares this view. “It’s just a place to go to hang out …  Everyone can just be themselves there, and you can just totally be free and it really helps you exercise your acting skills,” Rappaport said.

Rappaport focuses on her acting career, easing into it and using improv to help her along.  “I do modeling right now, but I’ve also been doing theater my entire life, so I’m starting to make my way into the screen,” Rappaport said.

Rappaport believes that the CAHS Improv Club helps her to cultivate her acting skills. “A lot of times, if something goes wrong or someone misses their cue, you have to know how to improv to keep whatever you’re acting going, to keep the story going.”

Deussen reflects on how improv has improved her acting. “It’s given me more confidence in my acting skills than I had before the class,” Deussen said. She is headed off to college next year. Regardless of what path she intends to pursue in the future, “a few acting classes [are] a good skill to have.”

The club— alongside the school— takes an all-inclusive approach to its environment. “I think a lot of people are worried to join it, because they don’t know if they’ll fit in or if they’ll do well, but,” Rappaport said, “because it’s just a great place to go and really helps you with acting.” 

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On the Spot: An Insider’s View of Improv Club