Project 7 Club provides intimate Bible study for students


Photo credit Alison Whitley.

Alison Whitley and Julia Clark

P7, or Project 7, is an interactive Bible club with a focus to grow people’s personal relationships with the lord. It is a smaller group than most other religious groups on campus, allowing for a one-on-one experience with God and more intimate relationship with fellow members.

Freshman Averie Sargent, the club’s president, has taken the reins since her sister introduced the club last year. According to Sargent, her sister “started it because she felt a burden to start a Bible study that was more intimate, and so I continued on with it,” Sargent said.  

“It’s practically just a club where people can come together with a more intimate environment with God and with each other,” Sargent said.

Every week, Sargent and other leaders of the club prepare a lesson plan for their meeting. “First we do a lesson, [then] we do some games and we connect with God. We pray,” Sargent said.

Members’ personal beliefs and opinions have been reformed thanks to P7. “It has definitely made me reconsider some things … some of the lessons [we discuss] have made me think deeper about my own thought on certain topics and …  day-in and day-out events that go on,” club member and junior Zachary Jordan said.

“The club’s main focus is reaching our school … and showing everybody God,” Sargent said.  She hopes this club will reach and influence as many students as possible. “I truly believe our club will grow, and people who do not know God will come to God. I believe we are going to reach our school and it’s going to turn our school around,” Sargent said.

The P7 club is known for its personal and small size but is open to expansion. “I would love to expand because I would love to reach our school. …  If it does [grow] I will be happy, [but] if it doesn’t I will be happy,” Sargent said.  

P7 is open to anyone with a desire to learn about the Lord and develop a relationship with Him in a safe community.“We will welcome you wholeheartedly. It is fun; we do have a lot of fun. … We are very excited when new people come because we just get to show God to them in maybe a way they’ve never experienced,” Sargent said.