Selling You to a New Band: A Review on SALES

Savannah Benton, Reporter

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Finding brand new music from a never-before-heard band is like striking gold, even though I’ve never been gold-mining, and I’m splurging on all of their music.

I was first hit by this feeling while eating at Chipotle with my best friend. We realized we really liked the song that was playing, I whipped out my phone to Shazam the song, discovered the band called SALES. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked.

Made up of Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih, SALES is a two-person band from Orlando, Florida. Their indie music toys with guitar riffs, sampling of voices and sounds and vague lyrics with deeper meanings. What drew me to SALES was how easy-going their sound is: perfect for long car rides or overthinking or maybe even both.

Another notable feature of the band’s music is its album art. Although the art doesn’t have much to do with the music itself, it is aesthetically pleasing, as well as both abstract and intricate.

They’ve released an EP, “Sales – Ep,” and a full length album, “Sales Lp,” along with many singles. Here are my favorites, along with my favorite lines from each one:



“Chinese New Year”

“It’s time for innovation / It’s time for us to make a change”

This was the first song I ever heard from SALES. It’s upbeat and joyful, yet calming and nostalgic. The line gives me a sense of hope for the future, for the start of a new era. This is a great song to listen and sing along to with your friends.



“All day long we looked to fall / Looking into the sun”

“Renee” is much slower and softer. My absolute favorite part of this song is at the end, where “You got it, took too long to get it” is repeated and layered — resulting in an angelic effect. The metaphor of “looking into the sun” is clever and fitting, as often love is blind to the downsides of the relationship.




“Hold on: Hold on to someone who is long gone”

This line is painfully relatable. I love how the song, from start to finish, not only describes a scene moment by moment, but also the words said and the feeling of the scene. It makes me feel like I am there, in the car, feeling these feelings. The guitar and echo feels ethereal.



“I’m smiling / So saran”

Not only is the guitar track gorgeous, but this line is particularly brilliant. SALES often has lyrics that are hard to decode, and this song is a prime example. Personally, I find this song  interesting since I spend a lot of time thinking about my interpretation of it. When Morgan says “so saran”, she’s referring to saran wrap, which is plastic, meaning she’s faking her smiling. I’ve never heard that phrase before, but it’s quite brilliant.


“Thurs 6-25”

“What comes after this try?”

As someone who ponders life’s greatest questions quite often, this is another song I find relatable. It shows the inner workings of her mind, how she’s hard on herself and asks herself what comes after life. The name of the song is unique, and makes me think that something might have happened on that day to make her think those things, or maybe it was an entry in her journal.


Seven’s Day

“And the pain, it subsides / With the weight of all your white lies.”

This is by far my favorite song on the album. There’s something about the soft beat, guitar and overall sound that make it really special. Any song off this album can instantly calm me down, but this one is just especially wonderful. The lyrics are also exceptional, giving me a feeling of relief. If you’re going to listen to any song on this album, make it this one.

Although these are only a few songs out of the many they’ve released, I haven’t yet run into one I didn’t like. You may be asking yourself, “Why should I listen to this band no one listens to?” Well, becoming a well-known artist can’t be done without the support of fans, and the quality of their music deserves to be well known.

If you aren’t sold on SALES yet, take some time to listen to them, and you may just find your new favorite band.

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