The Best Things Come in Small Stores: Everything To Love About EscoGelato

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Public domain image.

Lauren Rowe, Reporter

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Just 0.2 miles away from CAHS, EscoGelato is a popular place for students to convene before and after school.  Located just off of Grand Ave, EscoGelato offers not only fresh gelato, but also coffee, sandwiches and baked goods. Here are the top five things I appreciate:



  • Gelato Made Fresh Every Day With Quality Ingredients


When you walk into EscoGelato, the display of colorful and enticing gelatos can be overwhelming. There are over 80 flavors, 18 of which are displayed every day. These can include anything from fruit sorbets — such as Blood Orange, Passion Fruit and Strawberry Lemonade —  to creamier gelatos, such as Buttered Rum, Goat’s Milk Chocolate and Caramel Latte. All gelatos are made with quality ingredients, such as fresh fruit and freshly ground coffee and real vanilla beans.



  • Great Customer Service


Having trouble deciding which gelato to get? Simply ask the server if you can try a few flavors and they will be happy to help. After a busy day of school, many want a place to decompress. The cheerful employees at EscoGelato make it very easy to make an order.



  • Support of Local Farms


Although it is considerably cheaper to purchase fruit from mass producers, EscoGelato supports local farmers when purchasing produce and coffee beans. “I grew up in Escondido and am passionate about contributing to the community that has supported me all these years,” owner Suzanne Schaffner posted on her website,



  • Variety of Food


Besides gelatos, EscoGelato also serves paninis, salads, soups, baked goods, coffees and teas. Whether you are stopping by before school for breakfast or after for a refreshing gelato, EscoGelato has you covered for any time of day.



  • Store Atmosphere


Part of what makes EscoGelato a special place is the store atmosphere. Like most stores on or around Grand Ave, rooms are compact and space must be used wisely. In EscoGelato, benches and mini tables comfortably line the walls, with a few more outside. A bright awning welcomes you into the store.The rough wood beams on the ceiling, wood display counter and chalkboard menu gives the venue a homey feel. Another great feature are the art pieces on the walls and a colorful bookcase.

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