Dwight’s Plight

Andrew de Neve, Student

I recently got into writing because of a YouTuber I watch that live streams. He started doing a scary story segment which sparked me to send in some original pieces.


I woke up that morning and looked outside with a saddened grin

I didn’t feel warm, today the sun decided not to come in

As I scan up and down the city streets 

I spot two homeless men appearing to meet

They don’t fight, they only talk

Then a smile and they start to walk

It’s a simple interaction but most don’t care 

We don’t see because of the misery we all share

I eat my food and close my door

The people in the elevator always grow more 

I’m greeted with an elaborate graffitied stained wall

The I trip, I begin to fall

It’s because my streets are cracked, old, and dirty 

The sidewalk doesn’t know I start at nine thirty

The skyscraper’s faces laugh at my pain

I duck out of sight, feeling more shame

I’m late five minutes or so

Once I arrive I  just want to go

Back home to where I know

My monotonous work won’t be so slow

I sit down in my gray square of nothing 

Hoping joy will come from something

I drink from the coffee, it’s tasteless and old

As another ream of paper becomes sold

Dunder Mifflin had been all right

But sadness was always hidden in sight

You see my old boss Michael Scott had left long ago

He had gone on to be in some acting show

My girlfriend has left, her cat has died

I was heartbroken, so I put my beet work aside

I ran a farm some years long since forgotten

Now my days have become rotten

Robert California, he’s my new boss

But he acts like some day old moss

He doesn’t come to me when I need help

Coldness is all he’s ever felt

Jim sits just to my right

And Andy yells “Big Tuna is in an upsetting plight!”

Then Phyllis asks me to stop eating my beets

She says “Dwight you need to be more neat.”

I stare around and begin to moan 

And everyone stops to let out a big groan

An uphill battle is what I struggle with every day 

When will my sadness ever wash away