Improvising A Good Time


For fans of theatre and acting alike, Improv Club provides a fun, exciting experience that helps improve acting skills. “I wanted to improve my performance and flexibility as an actor and that I really enjoy the freedom of expression it allows me,” junior Gracie Carlson said.

In contrast to scripted theatre, improv is based purely on spur-of-the-moment acting. “Improv is a little more spontaneous and wild. Anything can happen at any given moment, [whereas] theatre is a lot more staged and planned,” freshman Matthew Miller said.

Theatre and improv can also go hand in hand, as skills from one are often helpful in the other. “Theatre and improv are similar because they are both performed live in front of an audience, and they both have the challenges of creating characters and making stories come to life. Improv is a helpful skill to have when doing theatre as well, because it helps an actor cope if some scripted component of a theatre show goes wrong,” Carlson said.

Although different, Miller enjoys both activities equally. “Theatre is fun because [of] going over lines, and there are fun scenes you get to act out with friends. Improv is fun because it’s random, and anything can happen, and you can make it up as you go,” Miller said.

Due to the unscripted nature of improv, it can be difficult to come up with things on the fly. “I think improv is harder because in improv nothing is written. People have to make up their own scripts, backstories, characters, and motivations and predict what other the actors are thinking as well. It’s really quite fun!” Carlson said.

Improv has also helped make a community among its members. “When I first joined I barely knew anyone in there, but after a while you just really get to know them, and … you sort of just become one sort of big family group,” Miller said.