Continuing French After Class

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Continuing French After Class

Emma Rydeen, Reporter

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Learning a language is a requirement for graduating from high school, but there are some who really connect with it and want to continue learning by taking an AP class. But what happens if your school doesn’t have that opportunity? This is what Junior Gracie Carlson experienced. However, that didn’t let her stop studying French. She decided to start a French club which meets on Thursdays in Ms. Mills’ room. “This club has kept me confident in my ability to speak, read, and comprehend French as well as keeping me in contact with the friends I’ve made from past French classes.“ Carlson said.

For Junior and Vice President Ethan Aroco, the French Club, is a place to keep the practice going even after finishing French class. “It’s reminded me how French mechanically works …  and how you pronounce certain things and certain words to add to your vocabulary and like remember, “Oh yeah, we did learn that last year,” Aroco said.

There are online software apps to keep up a language but the club does more. ” Our two main activities are watching movies in French to help our comprehension and using Duolingo to build our grammar and vocabulary.” Carlson said.

However, if you are just beginning or curious or want to learn new stuff this club can help, ”I’m able to ask questions…learn new skills, and even teach people who are limited in their French, or who haven’t taken French but they want to learn.” Carlson said.

The French club is a way to keep up the language skills they have learned and their relationships they formed. “[It’s] an attempt to bring over last year’s French 4 class since a lot of us bonded well in that class. It’s a good friend group. That was the basis of the club,” Aroco said.

For those who may be slightly intimidated in trying it out for the club,the feeling of the club is very easy going “Although we focus on retaining, building, and teaching French to each other, the atmosphere is much more laid back and friendly than academics.” Carlson said.

Connecting with others who enjoy learning French has its perks. “The best part of French club is the people. Everyone there has a real passion for learning, and all of them are incredibly supportive of each other in their journey to learn French,” said Carlson. While the school doesn’t have an AP French class yet, Carlson and Aroco have allowed a way for students to continue learning the language past French 4.

Carlson’s passion for the French influences her and expands the club. “[It] inspires me to bring more people to it by being a resource for students. Some people want to learn French, but don’t have time for the class, want extra support from their peers, or, like me, want to retain and grow their abilities from previous years!”

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