Destanie Crist tells her leadership story


Photo credit Adam Atamian.

Adam Atamian, Reporter

Senior Destanie Crist is the leader of many different clubs and programs at this school and works hard outside of school to make the world a better place. “I’m a leader of Help for Hope, I’m the senior class president for ASB, I’m an executive officer in care, I’m also a link crew leader, I started the protect of the blue one program,” Crist said. “Outside of school I’m involved in 4-H where you raise livestock animals … I’m also involved in youth group and I’m a junior youth leader. I also do BBS where you teach kids how to play sports, but mainly volleyball,” Crist said.

Crist admits to having some hiccups along the way. “I do so much for others and the community that, a lot of times friends and relationships are hard to keep up with and people take it the wrong way and think I’m pushing them away or they despise me for getting recognition for the things I’ve done and they see my leadership as cockiness instead of humility,” Crist said.

Crist also believes there are good qualities to have in order to be a leader. ”Humility and being who I am and not giving half effort … not giving 100 but giving 120 because in life the only thing that makes you different is being who you are and being who you are to the fullest extent,” Crist said.

Crist has found gratification in being a leader. “My biggest achievement has been knowing that I have lived to the fullest and that I have put my heart into everything that I have done and that all the clubs I am involved in, I believe in and I have a personal desire to pursue those,” Crist said.

Balancing school and so many leadership roles can be hard for Crist. ”Although It’s challenging, one of the philosophies I’ve always lived by is to put full effort into things but sometimes people think that this must be overwhelming but at the same time I can’t imagine living without it,” Crist said.

By leading several different clubs and organizations, Crist tells how ”it has impacted my life I think the biggest impact it had was that I got into National Honor Society. Being a leader has let me see the actions I take and how it influences others and the biggest things I’ve taken from it was the things I say or the events I run and my one goal when I’m thinking about those things is how can I Impact others and how can I benefit the community or just people around me whether its words or my actions.”

Crist plans to continue her work in her community after high school, ”I know that I want to keep up leadership in college and after I graduate that, or until I die, if there are little things I can do in my community or organizations and clubs I’ve started.”