Born With a Best Friend


Emma Rydeen, Reporter

Imagine having an advantage over others to help you in daily life. This advantage would be available to help provide a positive lift when you need it and could be helpful with understanding everyday life. Seniors Meagan and Reagan Barrett both have this advantage. They are twins; not identical twins but fraternal twins.” Probably the best part [of being a twin] is having someone close to you that you can talk to about your life,” Regan Barrett said.

Life can be smoother when you have a friend to share their experiences with while doing similar things as you. “We both take hard classes. We both are involved with our church. We try hard to get good grades. We both enjoy music,” said Reagan Barrett.

“We don’t really look a lot alike and a lot of people are really surprised we are twins rather than just brother and sister. People usually see a sibling resemblance but not the twinness,” Meagan Barrett said.

Being a twin has perks that people don’t really think about. “We take a lot of the same [classes], which I think is also kind of cool. We help each other with homework, and study for tests together,” Barrett said.

Another perk they are asked often about is having a connection with each other. “[People] usually ask about the mental telepathy thing, which my brother and I definitely have,” Barrett said.

A hassle for twins with similar names like Reagan and Meagan is that it can be confusing. “[Someone] says one of our names, but we don’t know which one, since both our names sound the same,” Meagan Barrett said. Another issue is that “people compare us a lot,” Reagan Barrett said.

Just because she has a twin, they aren’t exactly the same in every way. “I’d say there is a lot of differences. I feel like sometimes people think twins are exactly the same even if they are boy/girl [twins]. Our personalities are somewhat kind of different … we are more like siblings just born at the same time,” Meagan Barrett said.

“We share the same birthday and go through all the milestones together. Now this year we are both going off to college together and that’s a crazy thing. I think it’s really cool that I have a built-in best friend that has a different type of connection than just a sibling,” Barrett said.