FCA: Fellowship At Its Finest


Photo credit Sydnie Ager.

Sydnie Ager, Reporter

At CAHS, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or FCA for short, is one of the larger clubs on campus. Students gather on Thursdays to listen to guest speakers, play games like Kahoot and eat pizza or other snacks. While members get to participate in an array of fun events, FCA does more than just offer a fun place to be for its members by encouraging the growth of friendships.

Students like junior Julie Tingleff enjoy being in the club because it is something different from the usual week’s lunches. “It’s definitely been a break from the day. I get to go inside and stop thinking about school and think about Jesus instead … and hang out with my friends and … just chill [and ] listen to some worship music,” Tingleff said.

Junior Phoebe Rydeen’s favorite part of FCA is “just going and hanging out and being surrounded by my friends.”

Senior Mason Nash feels that the club fosters his faith while on campus. “I really like seeing that so many people in this school share my beliefs. It’s just encouraging,” Nash said.

Though some people may have been able to make new connections, others like Tingleff have been able to strengthen relationships they already had. “I don’t know if I’ve made any new connections but … it’s given me the opportunity to get closer to some of my … original friends when we do the small group time.” Tingleff said.

Nash shares a similar opinion. “I feel like it has brought me closer to my friends… hanging out with them more and playing games with them,” Nash said.

Participating in FCA has also been a way for students to further their goals throughout their high school career. For his senior year, Nash was able to use his involvement for his resume when applying to the National Honor Society

Rydeen has also taken away meaningful lessons from the club’s public speakers. “I’ve gotten some … good advice from the speakers,” Rydeen said.

For them, FCA is more than meets the eye; it’s a place for people to connect and grow together as friends on a social and spiritual level. The club has been able to give its regulars a space to not only further their personal ambitions but also grow tighter together and be a guiding voice in life.  FCA is more than a club— it’s a community.