Audio Visual Club


Photo credit Trinity Mak.

Trinity Mak, Reporter

The members of Audio Visual Club work behind the scenes at school events including assemblies, concerts, and plays. The club controls the lighting, sound, filming, and photography.

Mr. Williams is the advisor of Audio Visual Club. The members of the club are: Caleb Hurbon, Elliot Pak, Aaron Throgmorton, Zachary Jordan, Charles Peabody, Nolan Bacardi, Ryan Krippner, Grace Cooper, Quinlynn Doval, Chloe Mueller, Daniella Dyson and Josue Ewald-Nieto.

Unlike most clubs, Audio Visual Club doesn’t meet every week at the same time. “Usually we get an email that says you have an event this week. We have only met formerly twice,” said Josue Ewald-Nieto.

Some students join the club to learn more about audio and visual production while others join for fun. “I joined audio visual to get more knowledge of how to run a soundboard and to get experience under my belt because after high school I want to continue using my knowledge of soundboards and maybe making it into a career,” said Nolan Bacardi.

On the other hand, sophomore Josue Ewald-Nieto joined the audio visual club as a joke but ended up enjoying it. “Mr. WIlliams convinced me to. He thought I’d be good for Audio Visual Club,” said Josue Ewald-Nieto.

Like Bacardi, Ewald-Nieto works with the soundboard. “I run sound most of the time. Sometimes I film and take photos during events,” said Josue Ewald-Nieto.

Bacardi joined Audio Visual Club at the beginning of this year and found it to be a great experience. “It’s a lot of fun. We get to hang out with each other a lot. And I get to learn new things,” said Bacardi.