High School Highlights from the Class of 2020


Kenny Christianson

Senior Clare Otto dances with friends at their last Homecoming.

The Editorial Board

“One high school memory I hold very dear to my heart is when I saw the advanced drama show my freshman year, Julius Caesar set in outer space. I didn’t know anyone in theatre at the time, but I have such fond memories of sitting with my friend and watching the show. Looking back, it’s incredible to me that some people who I would become really close friends with were on the stage that night. That show was what drove me to pursue theatre at this school, and I won’t ever forget how Caesar was two actors riding piggy back.” – Grace Carlson

“One of my favorite memories from high school was going around town preparing for the glow dance this year. We went all out, tights, glasses, spray paint, Sam’s dreads. Ate Sayulitas, then frozen bananas from visiting a friend at Trader Joe’s. And then the dance was one of the best too. Good times.” – Matthew Tillyer


“My favorite memories are every moment spent with the amazing people at Classical who I love and made my journey blessed and unforgettable!” – Madi Goodman


“One of my favorite memories from my high school life was the choir Disneyland trip last year. It was a blast and we all passed out on the bus back home.” – Aaron Riddle


“One of my favorite high school memories is on freshman for a day or something when everyone did the massage train and thought it was the oddest thing we could be doing, but it gave the whole class something to bond over when we had no other common ground.” – Talia Standley


“My favorite memories are homecoming and the glow dance.” – Karli Duncan


“My favorite high school memory would probably be when I was on the homecoming court this year. It was awesome knowing that my friends would vote me into that position.” – Jagger Butler


“My favorite high school memory was my senior homecoming. I spent the whole night with one of my closest friends and it made me realize how grateful I am to have people like her in my life. It also made me realize just how much I’ll miss high school. That amazing homecoming has been a reminder that I had great time in high school despite everything I’ve lost.” – Lauren Brazele


“My favorite memory is going to homecoming with Kris V., we had so much fun and sang Never Gonna Give You Up on the ride home at the top of our lungs.” – Will DeAngelo


“One of my favorite memories is toward the end of one of my first homecomings, my friends and I were in Caiman Hall for the last song (“We Are Young” by fun.). It was before we all got sick of the song so we all sang it super loudly together. I definitely lost my voice that night. One other favorite memory is when some buddies and I went to the area outside Starbucks for senior lunch and played games on our DSs. I’m gonna miss that.” – Lindsay Aellig


“One of my favorite high school memories was winning a Pacemaker for our yearbook! It’s what I’ve been working towards since I was a freshman year, so to finally win one was one of the best moments of my life. Being an editor-in-chief of the yearbook that won fills me with so much pride and enthusiasm for something that I love so much!” – Anna Davis


“My favorite memories of highschool were definitely the wonderful productions I got to be a part of, Footloose was a show where I gained so many close friendships and kept them throughout my senior year and the start of Addams Family.” – Sophia Rideout


“My favorite high school memory was homecoming football games!” – Mackenzie Trask


“Definitely playing jack box with some of the guys and betraying Alex Batcheller in the alien game. Also listening to Fishy on Me before competitive games.” – Sam Schaefer


“Homecoming this year was so fun. My group made a lot of memories and I remember at the very end when “We Are Young” came on it kinda became surreal to all of us and to me that high school was ending soon.” – Amy Fulton


“The football games and BBQs were always the best. [I] love my caimans ❤️” – Hope Draper


“My favorite memory from high-school is scoring the game winning shot in our C.I.F. championship game.” – Maximus Brown


“My favorite memories were every Friday night with my best friends and just being able to go out whenever we wanted to.” – Alysia Greer


“My favorite memory was sitting with my friends in the trunks of our cars after the glow dance, just talking for hours.” – Brenna Farris


“My favorite memories from high school were celebrating and cheering on my best friends on the football field and the dance team.” – Ashley Relovsky


“I used to love going from choir to quickly get some food and then come back to school to go to rehearsals and me and my friends would be in a HUGE hurry going back and it would just be fun cause we would freak out but it was always fine.” – Macie Conway


“I just moved to CAHS this year, and being able to play the sport I love with some awesome guys really helped me to settle-in. They became my brothers and I wouldn’t have wanted to play with anyone else.” – Sam Vandegrift


“My favorite memory would probably be the day the tryout results went out for flag going into this year. It specifically said on the list that I not only had one of the highest scores, but that I was made a captain. It was so incredibly exciting and something I had been working towards for the last two years of being on the team and it just felt amazing to have gotten that far. But even as amazing as it was to have achieved that, the thing I really remember from that day was how quickly the team just came together. Even the girls I wasn’t close with, even with the new girls I had just met, I saw them in the hallways and we were all so excited. For the first time, the team really stopped being a team and started being a lot more than that to me. :)” – Sammie Kissner