Final year: Mr. Benattia talks about his experience coaching

As many might already know, Mr. Chedley Benattia, CAHS’s varsity soccer coach and social science teacher, has decided to make this year his last in regards to his coaching career.

Mr. Bennatia has, for the last five years, coached varsity soccer. Under him, his team won three consecutive League Championships.

Benattia’s first year coaching didn’t end particularly well: “The first year I started coaching it was pretty rough. We had zero wins, double-digit losses and a couple ties.”

However, over the next couple years the boys steadily improved; “They have gotten better and better every year,” Benattia said.

In Benattia’s third year, the Caiman boys won League Championship for first time. Winning the championship was an experience for both Bennatia and his players.

“Josh Lawrence [had been] sick and he was barely able to play but he scored a goal — a long free kick — that sealed the game one-nothing. I just remember […] it  felt awesome.  Everyone was running out on the field and hugging each other. It was pretty cool,” Benattia said.

The boys then went on to win the league championships the following two years.

Despite the exceptional winning streak, Benattia has opted to stop coaching. “It was a decision [made] between my wife and I. The stress I put myself through and the time I had spent away from my family wasn’t adding up to something that was healthy for me. As much as I love doing it […] it was taking away from my family and it was adding stress to me,” he said.

Benattia considers his players to be part of his family and wanted them to be coached by someone that can offer them their full and undivided attention. “I think its time for change — for someone that can give their 100% for the years going forward. I’ve been giving them everything that I could for the last couple years [but] as my family grows, I just wouldn’t be able to give my full amount,” Benattia said. “I think its the right time for someone else.”

He will miss the coaching, but doesn’t plan on returning to the field in the near future: “I’m happy with my decision and don’t see myself going back to coaching anytime soon.”

“When I look back on these 5 years, its been a success because of [the soccer team],” Benattia said. “And I’ll never forget that.”



Benattia poses with his team for the last time.

Benattia poses with his team for the last time.