Spring Swim Season Starts with a Splash

Haley Adams, Reporter

Winter is ending, and spring is right around the corner ― which means the swim season is just beginning. Team members look forward to making the best of their time on the team, from improving their skills in the water to simply having a good time.

“I’m looking forward to a fun season,” Varsity team member, freshman Braden DiMaria, said. “Hopefully we can win some more meets, and the team has been really having fun so far ― hopefully that continues, too.”

Junior Sebastian Bustos, another member of the Varsity team, sets his sights on statistics. “I really want to improve my backstroke,” Bustos said. He found during a recent meet that his time had improved by two seconds, and hopes to continue improving through the season. “I know I can keep going, so hopefully I can perfect it.”

Senior Carly Hoff, a Varsity team captain, hopes to bring the team closer together before she graduates. “I’m looking forward to us coming together as a family, [and] really being able to bond this year. Since it’s my last year, I really want to emphasize this year being the year that we all come together, and win together as a team,” Hoff said.