Looking Back at Varsity Boys Basketball


Photo credit Danica Jordan.

Danica Jordan, Reporter

The blackout game on Feb. 8 was the last game of the season for Varsity Boys Basketball. They lost the game by one point, but for the seniors, this final game gave them an opportunity to look back on what they learned and the experiences they had while playing.

In their four years of playing basketball, seniors Justin Choy (1), Jake Melton (30) and John Melton (32) were able to share moments with their brothers, as they all had siblings on the team with them. “[Playing with] my brother— the fact that we were able to do it together— was really important for both of us, because we have memories now that we wouldn’t have if we didn’t play together,” Jake Melton said.

Playing for four years allowed them to learn from the upperclassmen from before, and pass on that knowledge to their other teammates. “Getting to play Varsity Basketball for four years has been fun … getting to learn from the older guys and become one of the older guys and teach people,” Choy said.

Photo credit Danica Jordan.

As a senior, Justin Choy stepped into the leadership role of last year’s seniors to continue teaching the knowledge he learned from them. “Seeing our seniors last year and just trying to improve on that … someone needed to step up into that role and I felt like being on the basketball team for so long it was time to step up and just be a leader for everyone else and show them how we need to control ourselves,” Choy said.

One of the most memorable experiences for John Melton was a team bonding exercise from early on in the season. “At the beginning of the season as a team bonding exercise, pretty much the entire basketball team came over to my house in the middle of December and we all jumped into a 37-degree pool as a team bonding exercise,” John Melton said.

The end of the season is bringing up some sad moments, as they graduate and leave their teammates. “[I’ll miss] my teammates— getting to hang out with those guys, before practice, after practice,” Choy said.

Basketball left a lasting impression on the seniors, with the bonds they created with their teammates. “Just making the connection with friends and … creating those friendships that you have that can last,” Choy said.