Jerd Thursdays 5/7


Welcome to Jerd Thursdays! Every Thursday in May we will reveal a proof of a page of our upcoming lovechild, the 2014-2015 Yearbook. We’ll be showing sneak peaks of our designs, fonts, mods, headlines and more!

Want to know how to get a yearbook? Visit room 113, the journalism room! Yearbooks are $79 until May 23, where they will go up to $85, so get them quickly!

Our first week features one of our earlier, dominant pages. Right away you can get a look at our color pallet. The team that made this (the honorable Justin, Micah, Emyle and Abel) made this spread by “preheating our oven to 350 degrees, adding two scoops of pure corn meal, eight ounces of baking soda, and a quaint finger-sprinkle of cinnamon.”

Speculate away in the comments and come back for next week! GET HYPED!

JerdThursdays Gabby


Want a hint for next week’s Jerd Thursdays? “Solve a oval!”.