How to Keep Yourself Occupied and Electronic Free


Photo provided by Rachel Jay

Sophia Wecker, Editor

During quarantine, some students have been glued to their phones, computers or Xboxes. But there are other ways you can use your time wisely besides video games and social media platforms. 


Have you ever thought about reading a book? Books can open you up to the many different viewpoints of the world and they hold remarkable fantasies and adventures to keep us excited. Maybe you’ve only read books you haven’t liked. If so, try more genres besides the traditional types of literature like non-fiction or mystery. If you haven’t read other genres of books like fantasy, science fiction, thriller, poetry, biography or even romance, try opening up and reading more, even if you have to go out of your comfort zone. 


Sauteing shrimp or browning the sugar on a creme brulee might be something we might not ever imagine ourselves doing, but cooking or baking might be something we actually enjoy if we give it a try. Start by attempting a simple recipe. No, not Kraft Macaroni & Cheese! But you can try making your own Mac n’ Cheese, like from scratch. Look up easy beginners recipes and before you know it, you will only be eating home cooked meals you made by yourself. 


Exercising may sound boring or too much work for you, but it can not only be healthy, but it can also be helpful in life. If you’re not into lifting weights or doing squats till you can’t feel your legs anymore, try to go on a walk outside. You can go with a friend, family member or even by yourself. You can walk through parks, along beaches or even go on a hike. If you’re feeling comfortable and ready for it, you can take some reps between a certain time distance and jog or run. 


Learning a new language can also be a fun avenue to take. You don’t necessarily have to take easy languages like Spanish or French, but you can also attempt to learn a harder language, like Arabic, Japanese or Mandarin. If you are planning to travel somewhere after quarantine where they do not speak English, try learning that language. Basic introductions and how to order at a restaurant are some easy ways to start. 

Playing an instrument can be expensive, but if you have an old one lying around your house, or if a family member who plays an instrument has one you can use, try learning how to play it. It might be frustrating or difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t fret!


Staying busy is very important, especially during quarantine. There are, of course, many other outlets of activities besides these ones that were mentioned, but since we have all this time, go do something fun! Video games and social media can be enjoyable, but other activities off of electronics are just as fun. Try taking breaks throughout the day or set time limits for yourself. So, try some of these ideas out! If you branch outside your comfort zone, you can find some hobbies that you never thought you would like or you never thought you would enjoy. You’ve got this Caimans!